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Posted on Nov 6, 2019

CBD at Serenity Gallery

Our 13 year-old emotional support dog, Karma, acquired some health issues, as many of us do as we get older.
About 6 years ago Karma started facing degenerative damage to his hind legs leaving us faced with the decision of surgery to slow the damage or attempt to control the degradation through natural and medicinal means. Some days his rear legs were almost inoperable, leaving Karma bed-ridden.
The veterinarian recommended treating it with glucosamine for joint support. Karma got regular doses of this for years granting some moderate improvement to his mobility. He still suffered with frequent joint problems, aches & pains, & mobility issues with his hind legs that often required further medication/pain management.
About 6 months ago, we began including a CBD regimen of treats & in his water. Within 2 weeks we noticed some more improvements to his mobility & less frequent pain. He now has the ability to enjoy long walks, chase toys, & do much leg stretching that he previously could not. He returned to about 95% full mobility & an overall much happier dog. With his once youthful energy returned, it's like having our puppy back!
Karma has been using a daily dose of CBD+ Broad Spectrum Pet Relief Therapy & CBD+ Dog Treats (in addition to his regular glucosamine regiment). We recommend it for anyone whose pet deals with joint pain, mobility issues, general anxiety, anxiety during travel, or even just to keep them calm on holidays like 4th of July when loud noises are prevalent.
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